And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

It’s true. The last year has been consistently inconsistent in regards to this blog (as well as other things). My posts have been few and far between, and I was well wrapped up mostly with this thing called life.


Yeah it gets kinda crazy. Lopsided.

This last year has been somewhat of a roller coaster….

Well, not really a roller coaster. More like a downhill slide. There were a bunch of different things going on in my work and personal life that I didn’t, and couldn’t, really share to the blogging world (my entire following of my mom and maybe my sister…what’s up ladies!).

These personal things were just that….personal. And they caused me to revert to some unhealthy tendencies. And during that period where I wasn’t eating the way I should, or working out the way I should (as in not at all), and sliding back on my journey (at least that is how I saw it…) I didn’t feel I could be here writing and sharing. It just felt hypocritical.

What I realize now is that my struggles would probably have been great reflection points for myself… AND anyone who dare stumble upon this little blog. That it shows that we can’t always be perfect. We stumble. We fall. Multiple times. And it may be for a period that is longer than we like….but the only thing that matters is that we GET UP.

Life isn’t about being perfect. Or fixating on your struggles or hardships. So here I am. Up and at ‘em. With a new perspective and a new attitude. I’ve been slowly but surely making the changes I need to and getting back to ME.

So here are the MOST important changes…..


welcome home seattle IMG_20140701_125148Back where I found myself. Back where I got healthy and happy. Back with my family. Back in the city I LOVE. Back in a city where I can be unapologetically ME.

I’m officially 30 years old!










Oh…and I have a puppy now. Meet Lucas…..







He is insane…and adorable..and ridiculous :)

And I love him.

CHEERS to new enthusiasm, new honesty, and new adventures…


Did you MISS me?!? How do YOU get through a difficult time(s) in your life?

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Back in the Swing of Things…

Last week I vented to interwebs about my lack of motivation….my lack of consistency.


Well I’m proud to report that one week later I’m sitting in a slightly better mindset. Four days of weight lifting, 2 days of cardio, and six consistent days of eating well has definitely made an improvement on the psyche.

Many would say that is a significant improvement from where I was last week, but I’m typically hard on myself. Harder than I should be many times…and I’m working on that…little by little.

But I am also sitting here knowing that there were definitely moments in the week that were harder than others. Moments I wanted to buckle and have a sweet treat. That I wanted to say eff it. I can start again in the morning…but I didn’t. I reminded myself that we can ALWAYS say tomorrow, and that is what I said for months. That I’d made such progress in the gym this week and that I can already feel a difference in my energy levels and how I feel about myself….I didn’t want to screw it up.

I definitely still have things to clean up with regards to all of my nutrition behavior. I don’t always eat at the times I should because of my work schedule. I need to prep things to take with me while I teach…especially in the evenings so my dinners aren’t so late. But as long as every day is better than the last I’ll consider it progress.

My workouts have been pretty good. My body hurt for most of the week…hating me and loving me at the same time. AND my foot is starting to be on the mend. After taking it easy on the running (which sucks….) I’m not feeling the constant pain in my foot anymore and my PT seems to think its on the mend. So taking another ‘easy’ week on the running and trying to stick to the bike/elliptical as much as I can. It’s been rough….not the hugest fan of the bike…mostly because I’m stuck inside…


I DID take a few long walks at the end of the week and the foot seemed to hold up well….plus it was nice to just get outside and enjoy the beauty of my city.

I might try my luck at a run toward the end of the week considering I’m supposed to run a half marathon in two weeks…..eek….that is slightly scary. Even more scary? 4 halfs are planned before the end of the year…..yeah about that….

Anyway. I’m just glad to be feeling a little more like myself these days. I may not be where I want to be yet, but I know I’ll get there. And in these beginning stages of getting back to me I’m not stepping on the scale. I know I’ve made progress because I can feel it and see it….and I know that if I step on a scale and don’t see a change I like in the numbers it would be discouraging. So just being in tune with my body for now and then we’ll check on the measurement side of things in a few weeks.

How was YOUR week? Did you get to the gym?

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Finding My Strength and Courage….Again

It has been months since I’ve published anything on the blog. I’ve been hit or miss on social media. And it is quite reflective of how my life has gone lately. Life has just been….chaotic. I seemed to have lost my rhythm once summer hit. I was teaching summer camps, as well as normal classes, trying to run a bunch of races, become MORE active with the blog, try to have a social life (for once), pull together my 30 by 30 bucket list, and with all of the ADDITIONS…well it all went up in flames basically.

I let go of my stability and little by little my good habits left me. My eating took a turn toward the unhealthy and my activity level with the gym was inconsistent at best. I’d be doing weight training but then the cardio was not as present. I kept saying I was active with all of my classes I was teaching, but in all honesty some classes aren’t as much of a cardio burst as others are. And with the unhealthy eating things have just spiraled.

I’ve made excuses. As to why I let it get that way. But as of today I’m over the excuses. All I know is I’m 10 pounds heavier right now than I was this time last year and it is because of the excuses, and the poor eating and inconsistencies in my exercise program. I feel sluggish. I’ve been sick. I’ve been injured. All because of these poor decisions I’ve made the last few months.

I’ve continued my racing program, but the training for those races has been less than ideal. And I keep looking at myself on a daily basis KNOWING that I’m making bad choices, and KNOWING I am not happy….yet it has continued for months. MONTHS……not good….

Well….I’m sitting here tonight hoping that I’m on a turn for the better. I spent the day being productive. Cleaning, purging bad food from the house, re-hanging my motivation wall in the new bedroom. And setting up reminders for myself around my place.

IMG_6933 IMG_6934

Reminders that I don’t need to be PERFECT. I just need to try and be better than the day before. That LITTLE improvements are still improvements and I’ll get there with time. I’ll get back to the strength of will I had before. To eat healthy and workout every day. I LOVE those things, and yet lately I have been in the ‘fake it till ya make it’ mode. Waiting to gain my energy back.

I feel the beginnings of thoughts and habits that I used to have during my last weight gain and I. AM. TERRIFIED. But I know that being scared won’t help me. It will only help me drill down this hole I’ve started. So tomorrow is a fresh start. A surge to be better than I have been. To press forward.

To keep my head up. To do little things every day to improve myself. Because I know if I try to fix it ALL at once….I’ll likely get discouraged if I don’t do one thing. A positive attitude is the only way to move forward. To be accountable to myself. To know I want a better life than what I’m living right now.

I write this here not because I’m trying to get the blog up and running again, but because I’m holding myself accountable. I think I tried to take on the world this summer. I tried to be everything to everyone and it backfired.

I’m not SuperWoman…..




Didn’t want to admit it. Because I’ve felt like I have been for awhile now.

Well I’m admitting it. I’m not. I am a normal woman. With fears. With weaknesses.

And now it is back to trying to conquer them. To working on my journey. To not be afriad of it. Because I refuse to shed any more tears over my bad choices. To look in the mirror and feel disgusted with what I see.


To miss out on living life because I’m so down and hard on myself ALL the time. I am only human. I must forgive myself my mistakes. I must acknowledge them and then move on. Not dwell on them. Or feel that I’ve let people down.

That is what I’ve done these last few months. As I have made poor choices…I have seen each of them as a failure to those I love. Or to the readers (if there are any of you left out there…I apologize for being MIA) of this blog. Or anyone else in my life.

I’m going to try and update more frequently with my progress. More of an accountability thing to myself. Because right now the added pressure of being this glowing example of success is just too much. I don’t feel successful right now. I need to get back to the light and fun me first.

Then maybe I can focus on all of the other things in my life.


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